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I am an Irish Civil Engineering professional in Brazil. As a member of Engineers Ireland, I am hoping to be of some benefit to the membership of EI in their view of Brazil as a possible destination in the future.

As Brazil is a “BRIC” country, many multi-nationals have already been making gestures towards investing there. Also, Brazil has been chosen to host the 2014 World Cup (in 17 cities across this vast country) and the 2016 Olympics (in Rio de Janeiro). This will undoubtedly lead to developments in infrastructure, and services… whilst also having a knock-on effect in education, sanitation, medical welfare, etc. There also has been a substantial Oil & Gas discovery made offshore of Rio de Janeiro.  All interesting developments.

The main areas of interest for me are:

  • Development Opportunities (World Cup 2014, Olympics 2016, etc).
  • Cultural Adaptation (language, business etiquette, local customs, etc).
  • Professional Recognition of Irish Engineers in Brazil.

This blog will serve as my conduit to members of Engineers Ireland to receive news, registration info, project announcements in Brazil, and my opinion on adapting to professional life in Brazil.

I sincerely hope you gain an insight from what I post here on my blog, and please feel free to comment.

Kevin Dolan, TECH IEI.


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