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Final preparations

It’s not long now until I’ll be on the plane to Brazil.

Of course they are a few errands still to be completed. The main obligations have already been finalised for a while now. Such as… utilities, An Post mailminder, etc.

For the most part I believe that many of my main lines of enquiry will leads me to Sao Paulo (SP) and Rio de Janeiro. However considering that the state of Minas Gerias (translates as General Mines) is a hub of mining activity, I probably will be paying Belo Horizonte (BH) a visit.  Also, places such as Recife, Porto Alegre, Brasilia, Sinop and Manaus are worth looking into as well. This list may significantly expand once I am there and finding new opportunities, where before I wouldn’t have expected them.

Now as you may be aware, Engineers Ireland has agreements (Washington, Sydney, etc) with many countries about the mutual recognition of Engineering titles. however no such agreement exists between EI and their Brazilian equivalent. This will, of course, be one of my first areas of investigation. And I will post any relevant information I find on this here. Engineering is a regulated profession in Brazil and this may (hopefully) fast-track my process of recognition in Brazil.  So we’ll see how that particular line of enquiry develops as we go.

So, there you have it. My flights are booked. Bags packed. Factor 50 sunscreen bought. Now all that has to be done is get myself there… and the then the really interesting posts should begin.

Keep an eye out for regular updates.

– EI… Keep Innovating.


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